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Steve Reich’s “Clapping Music” at 400 Beats per Minute.

Five channels of 808 closed hi-hats playing the same pattern. Each channel ramps from the starting tempo of 960 BPM, to the destination tempo of 80 BPM, over a different length of time. These ramp-lengths are derived from the length, in milliseconds, of a single 4/4 measure of music at 80 BPM. Therefore, theoretically, once the slowest channel has reached 80 BPM, all channels should be in sync at the measure. But, as you’ll hear, they’re not—at least not quite. This is most likely due to inconsistencies in the computer’s processing capabilities (for instance in playing back a sample in a 16th-note pattern at 960 beats per minute) or to the fact that the tempo-ramp created in Max (floating point: 960. to 80.) is being scaled to MIDI, with its resolution of 128 steps, before being sent to Ableton Live.

Phonograph Blues (Robert Johnson)

Made in a corridor

Flute, Piano, Electric Guitar, Cello, Trombone, Bass Clarinet

A Small Bell

Electric Guitar



Cologne Bottle Against Desk

Shuffling Through Contents of a Box

Drum Stick and Cardboard Box

Unplugged electric guitar